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80/20 Base Training Recap: Week 1

This week is the first time I ever attempted the 80/20 method. I’m really enjoying it so far!

Monday: Speed Play Workout

I love that the PEAR app provides coaching throughout the entire run! It was great to know exactly when to change up my intensity zones without having to remember. With the app coaching me the whole way I didn’t really have to think, which I appreciated since the speed intervals took away all of my energy (note: I’m only doing the beginner version…so out of shape…). The app even told me my pace, calories burned, and total distance, which I wasn’t expecting. It was difficult to keep track of my heart rate zone without a heart rate monitor, however. I was constantly looking down at my Garmin to see if I was on pace in the low intensity zones and it kept fluctuating drastically the whole time. Either way, if I get serious about this type of training and find that it’s working for me, I may end up investing in a heart rate monitor. I have the Forerunner 15, so it’s not terribly expensive as an add-on. It was also a little awkward doing speed work on a public bike path. I think next time I’ll do this on a treadmill or a nearby track. The speed work was very difficult for me, even though it was only six 1 minute repeats. I am out of shape, but I also don’t ever do speed work.

Tuesday: Cross Training Day

Woke up feeling very sore and didn’t end up exercising in the morning (surprise, surprise). Slept in and didn’t do the cross training I intended.

Wednesday: 40 Minute Tempo Run

Because I was going at a slower pace, I was able to concentrate more on my form. The PEAR app reminded me to focus on different techniques throughout the run such as holding my torso upright to maintain form.  I also found that going slower made the run even more enjoyable for me. It was easier to get out of bed knowing that I would be able to relax and enjoy the scenery rather than worrying about running at a quick pace. My Garmin didn’t work today at all for some reason. I was also extremely cold (around 20 degrees) and at times found it a little difficult to run so slow. At least when you are running faster your body gets the chance to actually warm up! My legs were numb for a whole 15 minutes after my workout, which doesn’t usually happen to me. Another great thing about using the PEAR app is that it incorporates the nutrient timing principle from Fitzgerald’s other book, Racing Weight, and tells you what and when you should eat post run. For example, after this workout, it told me to eat a snack with a high quality carbohydrate and protein within 1 hour of the workout. I had a banana with almond butter. I love this feature because I’m not usually hungry after running and then when I finally do get hungry I’m famished and tend to choose something less healthy or don’t eat the correct nutrients.

In the evening I did the Runner’s World Essential Yoga and some stretching to loosen up.

Thursday: Cross Training Day

Thursday was all about resistance band training. Based on the type of injuries I’ve had, it seems like my hip muscles are pretty weak. I’m hoping to do resistance band training once a week to prevent muscle imbalances. I tried this workout. I wasn’t sore at all the next day though, so next time I plan to use thicker bands.

Friday: Cross Training Day

Skipped my cross training…again…oops.

Saturday: 40 Minute Tempo Run

Did my 40 minute tempo run. It was sleeting during my run and also pretty icy from all of the snow and rain from earlier in the day, so at times I had difficulty remaining in the correct zone. Overall, this workout was relatively successful.

Sunday: Easy 7

This was supposed to be a 7 mile run, but I cut it short at around 3.5 miles. As I mentioned, I didn’t do much running over the holidays and am trying to gradually increase my mileage.


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