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Half Marathon Base Training


I finally signed up for a spring half marathon a couple of months ago! I was looking at different training plans for a while and I think I’m going to try 80/20 running this time around. Last weekend, I met up with Amanda and Jess for a run along the Charles and Amanda told me about a training method where the goal is to do 80 percent of your runs at a low intensity and 20 percent at a high intensity. As someone who is injury-prone, I was pretty excited to hear about the 80/20 method and started reading more about it. This type of training, developed by coach and sports nutritionist, Matt Fitzgerald, puts less strain on your body while allowing you to build up your strength, ultimately reducing the risk of injury. If you follow the plan, you’re expected to exercise 6-7 times a week and you can alternate between cross training and running as long as your moderate-high intensity workouts are runs. Although this type of training focuses on remaining in a certain heart rate zone, you can also run within a specific pace range (Fitzgerald recommends using the McMillan Pace Calculator), which is great for me, since I don’t have a heart rate monitor. While Fitzgerald provides several training plans in the book, he also has a great app with several 80/20 plans depending on your goal race and level of fitness.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the app includes a base training plan to help you increase your level of fitness before you begin the actual training plan. I took some time off from running between Christmas and the New Year, so I am really looking forward to building up my endurance before diving into an actual training plan.  The base training will last 3 weeks and then I’ll begin my actual training plan in the first week of February.

In addition to following the half marathon training plan, I’m hoping to do more cross training in 2015. Ballet Beautiful is probably my favorite cross training workout (the Classic 60 Minute Workout is my go to), especially because it strengthens your inner and outer thighs which is so important for happy knees. I also have fallen in love with Fitness Blender’s HIIT workouts. HIIT is great because it doesn’t require as much time. I want to continue doing those two types of exercise at least once or twice a week and work in resistance band exercises along with some light weight lifting.

I’m hoping this week will look a little something like this:

  • Monday: 33 minute run with 6 x 1 minutes at a high intensity
  • Tuesday: Cross Train – Ballet Beautiful Classic 60 minute workout
  • Wednesday: 40 minute foundation run at low intensity
  • Thursday: Cross Train – resistance band training for hip strength
  • Friday: Weight Training or Rest
  • Saturday: 4o minute tempo run at low intensity
  • Sunday: 7 mile run at low intensity

Finally, I’m kicking off my half marathon training and 2015 with some wise words from Lauren Fleshman:

“In 2015 I’m going to take chances. When challenges happen, I’m going to dig in faster. I’m not going to wait for time. I’m going to work with time. Even when there is no promise of return on investment, I’m going to invest.”

Happy New Year, running friends!


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