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Getting Ready for Marathon Monday

I’ve lived in the Boston area for almost 3 years now, and Monday will be the first day that I actually get to watch the Boston Marathon in person! I couldn’t be more excited, especially because I will be out there, on the course, handing out water at Mile 22 and cheering on The Flock and the Tufts Marathon Team. This will actually be my first time volunteering at a race, and I feel honored to have the opportunity to support the runners on such an important day. Also, I am dying to see Shalane Flanagan, my absolute favorite runner, kick some butt this year. I’ve been reading every interview leading up to the race and this year she seems so confident that it’s giving me chills! I just have a really good feeling about her this year. (Also, sidenote: have you seen that she is putting together a cookbook? I cannot wait for this. I love that one of her goals is to model healthy behaviors for younger female runners — it is so important.)

I have been wanting to give back to the sport more lately, and volunteering provides the perfect opportunity to do this. Because I am recovering from an injury, it’s difficult for me to participate in anything longer than a 5K race or a short run right now, however volunteering is a great way stay passionate about and involved with running, while letting my leg get back to normal. The running community is the most supportive and compassionate athletic community that I have ever been a part of. I have participated in lots of different sports, but there is something truly special about runners. I am continuously amazed at how encouraging everyone is — whether it’s a funny poster at a race, a hilarious cheer, or even a shout out on social media. For example — The Flock has been a wonderful opportunity to feel like I am part of a team. Everyone is so kind and has been extremely friendly and supportive from Day 1! It has been so wonderful to meet up with all sorts of people, many who live very close to me, who I probably never would have met otherwise. It’s exciting to think that all I have to do at a race now is look for a Oiselle jersey!  Tweet tweet!

Most importantly though, I love Boston. It has been my home for 3 years and I want to give all of the support that I can to the runners. It appalls me that anyone would try to take away the magic of Marathon Monday, but we will never let that happen. Every year I run the B.A.A. 5k, which always takes place the Saturday before the Marathon. Part of the course includes Boylston Street and the Marathon finish line and I was overcome with emotion as I crossed both last year and this year. Each year the field size grows larger. In 2014, we had 8,000 runners and in 2015 we had 10,000. This simply shows the love and support for this city and the Marathon. We will keep running, and we won’t let anything stand in our way.

Good luck to everyone running on Monday!


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