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The Season of No Excuses, Ever Again

“Don’t let fatigue make a coward of you.” –Steve Prefontaine

“We all know those runners that have better excuses than results. It just never seems to be their day. The real racer takes charge of what they can. They put in the work. They get fit. They race the legs they brought. We’ve noticed it seems to work out better for those runners.” –Tracksmith


It’s taken me longer than what is probably normal to figure out my injury and put in the appropriate amount of work to treat it. I spent a couple of years whining and giving PT about 50% of my best effort, but this year, I finally got fed up with being on the sidelines and not being able to give 100% during races.

So I put in the work. I passed my PT evaluation. I ran a 10K. I’m healed. I’m signed up for a fall half. I’ve been running regularly for about a month. I’m ready.

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of my official half training schedule. And guess what? I SLAMMED my toe into my coffee table, resulting in a searing pain I’ve never experienced before. Definitely something more than a stubbed toe. I decided to play it safe and skip my run. Excuse #1.

Today I woke up with a purple toe. Not promising, but for my own sanity I have to believe it isn’t broken. Again, I stayed on the sidelines tonight, icing my toe, feeling too bummed out to sub my run with a bike ride. Excuse #2.

There’s a pattern emerging here, but I’m not going to let it get the best of me this time. I’m not letting myself create Excuse #3. Broken toe, sprained toe, no matter what, there are no more excuses. Can’t run? Bike. Can’t bike? Swim. Can’t swim? Lift. I’m not letting anything stop me this season. I’m putting this on the internet because as we like to say in behavior change theory – public commitments lead to change.

“He was trying to switch gears; at least that is how he thought of it. And though it was a somewhat frightful thing to contemplate for very long, he really was pulling all the stops. After this, he would have no excuses, ever again.” –Once A Runner

Let’s ride.


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