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Half Marathon Training: Weeks 1 & 2

I’m now on week 2 of my half marathon training plan, so I figured I would share what I’ve done so far. I’ve been using the Strava Half Marathon Training Plan (Created by McMillan Running) to get in mileage. I’ve added some strength training, cross training, yoga, and am continuing to keep up with my physical therapy.

I chose the Strava plan because it recommends running a range of minutes per workout (e.g. 40-60 minutes) which provides some flexibility. While training for my first half, I grew impatient with my runs and tried to complete them faster as part of an effort to get them over with. This time around, I want to build the mental strength necessary to get myself through the race. Because I don’t have control over the recommended amount of time, I can’t rush through the workout. By focusing on time rather than miles, I’m forced to listen to my body and adjust my form and speed as appropriate. If my body isn’t feeling right, I stay on the lower end of the recommended time frame, and if I feel good, I push up to the higher end.

spitfireFor strength training, I’ve been using an app called Spitfire. It’s a strength training app designed by women for women. I like it because it provides images that show you how to do each exercise and also links to videos on Fitness Blender. Each time you complete an exercise, you check it off and it shows you how close you are to completing the weekly workout set. I love that stretching is part of the workout – if you don’t stretch the workout won’t show up as completed. Right now I’m on the free Heroine plan, which is 4 weeks of HIIT. I’ve also been going to a Tabata/weight lifting class with my friend Annie (although not every week).

jasyogalogoI love Jasyoga because it can be done anywhere and it’s specific to athletes, although I find it important to go to studio classes when I can because those are a bit more focused on mindfulness. I recently picked up Erin Taylor’s book, Hit Reset, and am slowly making my way through it. I think it’s important to know what balance really feels like, and this book is making me realize how much the body can compensate when you’re out of alignment which can ultimately lead to injury.

Week 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, I kicked off the season with a sprained toe. To let that heal quickly, and to avoid setting my training back further, I took a week off of running.



Tuesday (day I stubbed my toe – going to the doc this upcoming week to make sure it’s ok since it still feels weird – no pain though):

  • Hip PT exercises


  • Bummed around about my toe/skipped training


  • 25-minute bike ride


  • Hip PT exercises
  • Ankle PT exercises


  • 60-minute bike ride


  • Hip PT exercises

Week 2

This week went a lot better than the first. My toe is almost feeling 100% better, and I’ve been able to get in all of my workouts, despite the heat. I’ve been overly paranoid about reinjuring myself before I make it to my October half. Anything that doesn’t feel right sends me off into anxiety land. The 90-degree heat has been forcing me to question how badly I want this – so I’ve been biting the bullet and getting up early. As I said, I am not tolerating any more excuses from myself.


  • 3-mile test run: My toe was feeling about 80% better at this point, so I wanted to see whether it felt normal on a run. I taped it up before heading out. Felt fine on my run, so I’ve continued running as long as it’s taped.
  • Spitfire Day 1: Explosive Power (planks, leg raises, jump squats, glute bridges, burpees)


  • Hip + ankle PT
  • 30-minute bike ride


  • 40-minute run
  • Spitfire Day 2: Core Power (burpees, mountain climbers, v-ups, planks, tuck jumps, incline glute bridges)



  • 30-minute run


  • 60-minute run
  • Jasyoga Full Body Recovery (This is one of my favorite sessions to do post-workout, as it is mostly on the wall and requires a bit less physical strength which is welcomed after a long run)
  • Spitfire Day 3: Core Victory


How much yoga/stretching does everyone typically do during the week? Would love to hear what others do to prevent injury. I try to squeeze at least 20 minutes of yoga in a couple of times a week and make it to the studio at least once per month.


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